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Exhibiting and advertising your company, association, or services with DIA exposes you to an 18,000-member-strong global community of professionals and experts from across the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical product, and related fields.

DIA members—and its many nonmember customers—range from entry-level professionals to expert staff. Reach this global audience by:

  • Advertising in DIA’s many publications and thought leadership resources
  • Exhibiting and advertising at our annual and ongoing events or at our many educational programs

By showcasing your expertise at these venues, you’ll be exposed to a highly qualified, highly influential worldwide audience of:

  • Government policymakers and regulators
  • Clinical researchers; pharmaceutical product manufacturers; and academics in pharmacovigilance, epidemiology, and clinical data management
  • Medical product consumers and advocates, physicians, and pharmaceutical and biotechnology venture capitalists
  • Students and emerging professionals in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical product fields

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