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Reinforce your brand, showcase and launch your products and services, network with key decision-makers

Two audiences, one location
Exhibit at the combined EuroMeeting and Clinical Forum Exhibition

Present your products to more than 2,500 medicine development professionals at a single venue.
Reach pharma and biotech marketing professionals, CROs and regulators from the US, Europe and from more than 25 national regulatory agencies. ALL UNDER ONE ROOF.

Exhibit at the EuroMeeting and Clinical Forum in Paris to:

  • Meet your target:
    • Reach influencers and key decision makers
  • Generate new leads:
    • Expose your company and products to industry experts looking for solutions
  • Increase awareness:
    • Discuss your products, innovations, and industry issues with existing and new clients

Thanks to our EuroMeeting Hosting Partners

APCER   Merge eClinical   Accenture


Thanks to our EuroMeeting Hosting Partners

Booth Number Company Country
3.C03 ABCUBE France
2.E18 Accenture Life Services United Kingdom
2.F10 Accovion GmbH Germany
3.C01 Aclairo Pharmaceutical Development Group, Inc. United States
2.B19 acromion GmbH Germany
3.C11 Acurian United States
2.D12 APCER Pharma (Europe) United Kingdom
2.B01 Applied Clinical Trials United States
2.E11 ArisGlobal United Kingdom
2.D02 arivis Germany
2.B16 Arriello Group Czech Republic
2.E26 AXPHARMA France
2.D22 Barrington James United Kingdom
3.D01 BASECON A/S Denmark
2.E19 BIOVIA Ireland
2.D15 Blue Reg Pharma Consult France
2.E15 Brookwood International Academy United Kingdom
2.E14 Canary Limited United Kingdom
2.E06 Cardio Analytics United Kingdom
2.E03 Carrot Pharma Recruitment United Kingdom
2.F01 CBS Executive Denmark
2.A11 CK Clinical United Kingdom
2.D05 Clinical Contract Research Association (CCRA) United Kingdom
2.G01 Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD) United Kingdom
2.D06 Clinical Professionals United Kingdom
3.D02 Clinical Research Malaysia Malaysia
3.D07 CLIOSS S.r.l. Italy
2.C13 CMIC Holdings Co., Ltd Japan
2.C05 CONVERSIS MEDICAL United Kingdom
2.B14 Cortexpert Belgium
2.C06 CoSign by ARX Israel
2.A10 Cunesoft GmbH Germany
2.C08 DADA Consultancy Netherlands
2.E21 DATATRAK United States
3.D17 DIA Switzerland
3.D06 DIA Patient Fellowship Switzerland
3.A07 DIA Student Corner Switzerland
3.C08 DITA Exchange United States
2.E05 Dora Wirth Languages Ltd United Kingdom
2.D14 Drug Safety Research Unit United Kingdom
2.C17 DSG, Inc. United States
3.D16 eClinicalOS United States
3.A04 ELSEVIER Netherlands
2.E25 ENNOV France
3.C07 Entimo AG Germany
3.D09 ERT United States
3.A09 Estonian State Agency of Medicines Estonia
2.F09 Ethical ENDPOINT ADJUDICATION Switzerland
2.F05 EUDRAC Ltd United Kingdom
3.D03 European Medicines Agency European Union
2.B09 European Pharminvent Services s.r.o Czech Republic
2.E17 Europital Belgium
2.B06 EXTEDO Germany
2.D11 Foresight Group Switzerland
3.D10 Genpact Pharmalink United Kingdom
2.A06 Global Clinical Trials, LLC Russia
3.C10 Greens Limited United Kingdom
3.A06 Health Technology Assessment international (HTAi) Canada
2.A04 Hydrogen Group United Kingdom
2.A12 i4i Canada
3.D12 INC Research United States
2.B03 INFOTEHNA Group LLC Slovenia
2.C07 Insight Medical Writing United Kingdom
2.E12 Integrated Clinical Systems, Inc. United States
2.B17 KCR Germany
2.B12 Keyrus Biopharma SA Belgium
2.A02 Kiecana SP z o.o. Poland
3.C00 Kinapse Ltd United Kingdom
3.A03 LifeTrain/ EMTRAIN, Medical University of Vienna Austria
3.D05 Lindeq AS Norway
3.C09 Lionbridge Technologies United States
2.B08 LORENZ Life Science Group Germany
2.D21 Luto Research Ltd United Kingdom
2.A05 MakroCare United Kingdom
2.B15 MasterControl Inc. United Kingdom
3.C12 Max Application SRL - Safety Drugs Italy
2.C04 MedDRA MSSO United States
3.D04 MEDICADEMY Denmark
2.E01 Medicines Evalution Unit Ltd United Kingdom
2.D03 MENE Research Turkey
2.F07 MESM Global United Kingdom
2.B02 MNX Global Logistics United States
2.C14 MORAVIA Czech Republic
2.A08 MyMeds&Me United Kingdom
2.F03 NDA Group United Kingdom
2.B05 NextDocs United States
2.D08 NNIT Denmark
2.A01 Nodal Clinical France
2.A15 NonStop Pharma United Kingdom
3.D15 OmniComm Systems United States
2.D20 Online Business Applications United States
2.C09 ORACLE Health Sciences United Kingdom
2.E16 PaediaCRO GmbH Germany
3.D08 PAREXEL International United States
3.C02 Paul-Ehrlich- Institut Germany
3.D06 Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA) Japan
2.C20 PharmaForms GmbH / Amedon GmbH Germany
2.B11 Pharmalog Institut für klinisch Forschung GmbH Germany
2.D09 PHT Corporation Switzerland
2.D04 Pope Woodhead & Associates Ltd United Kingdom
2.C15 PrimeVigilance United Kingdom
2.D01 ProClinical Ltd United Kingdom
2.D18 ProductLife Group France
2.F06 Quadratek Data Solutions Germany
2.B04 Quanticate United Kingdom
2.E10 RBW Consulting United Kingdom
3.C13 Real Switzerland
2.D13 Real Regulatory Ltd United Kingdom
2.C02 Regulatory Pharma Net Italy
2.C03 RWS Group Ltd United Kingdom
2.A13 RxLogix United States
2.A14 Samarind Limited United Kingdom
2.B18 Schlafender Hase GmbH Germany
2.E07 Scinopsis Medical Writing France
2.E04 S-cubed Ltd United Kingdom
2.E08 SDL plc United Kingdom
2.E20 SGS Life Sciences Services Belgium
2.F08 Simbec - Orion Group United Kingdom
3.D13 SYMOGEN United States
3.D11 Symphony EDC / ARITHMOS s.r.l Italy
2.C18 Synchrogenix Information Strategies Inc. United States
2.F02 Syngene International Ltd India
2.G03 Synowledge Ireland
2.E24 TARIUS A/S Denmark
2.E02 The Clinical Trial Company United Kingdom
2.B07 Thomson Reuters United States
2.C16 TransPerfect United States
2.B10 Trilogy Writing and Consulting GmbH Germany
2.C19 United BioSource Corporation (UBC) Switzerland
2.E22 Universal Medica France
2.C01 Veeva Systems France
2.E13 Voisin Consulting Life Sciences (VCLS) United Kingdom
2.B13 XClinical GmbH Germany
3.C04 Xendo B.V. Netherlands
2.A07 Zifo India
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