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Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science

Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science

The scope of Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science reaches beyond pharmaceutical research and development to include innovations in drugs, devices, and diagnostics, as well as global regulatory issues.

Publications & Research

Join the DIA global membership community to advance the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical product fields.

Publications and Thought Leadership Resources

With DIA membership, professionals and experts get exclusive access to publications and thought leadership resources that provide breaking news and in-depth coverage of issues in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical product fields. DIA digital and print resources keep members informed about the latest trends in pharmacovigilance, regulatory affairs, continuing education, and many more topics.

Journal and Magazines

  • New! Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science. The newly launched official Journal covers the relationship between innovation in drugs, medical devices, and diagnostics and regulatory science.
  • Drug Information Journal. The former official DIA Journal is archived online and explores the latest trends in research and development, distribution, utilization, and regulation of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and related products.     
  • Global Forum. This four-color bimonthly magazine provides global coverage of the discovery, development, regulation, surveillance, and marketing of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. It also delivers the latest association and member news. Available in print and online.


DIA e-newsletters provide breaking news and information about the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device fields.

  • DIA Daily. This daily, easy-to-read enewsletter delivers summaries of breaking news and information about the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device fields – from thousands of global news sources – to your inbox every business morning.
  • DIA Global SmartBrief. Receive a SmartBrief email twice per week with the latest news related to diagnostic and therapeutic product innovations.

Books and Other Publications